Thursday, November 13, 2008

Most recent letter from the Shadburnes

Dear Peninsula Baptist Church,

I want to get you involved with our ministry now. As I mentioned in our update we have formed a relationship with our neighbors. We have formed a special relationship with one who i will call K-san. (I can't give her full name for security purposes.) She is a young woman here probably in her early 30s. She's married to a man named C-San and has a 6 year old daugher named A-san. They live across the street from us and one house over. From the beginning she has made it clear that she wants to help us and if we ever need anything to please call on her. She has definitely been a great help to our family. We are not sure if she's a person of peace as of now, but we are praying that she will become a future believer. She's very interested in our family and we already seem
to have a connection with her.

To give a little bit more information she is a stay at home mom and her husband works full time in Hiroshima, which is a hour and a half train ride from our neighborhood. He loves his family but work takes up a lot of his time.
Please be praying for this wonderful family that has already been such an answer to prayer. Please pray that our relationship continues to grow stronger. She has already asked us to call each of them by their first names, which I've heard the Japanese only ask friends to do. Big step for us! Also, pray that the Holy Spirit would be working in their hearts and that we would be effective witnesses.

Thank you so much for your unending support.
Love and prayers,
The Shadburnes

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shapenote singing

Everyone is invited to our "fifth-Sunday" singing this month! It is scheduled for November 30th, 3-5pm at the church - this is a fun way to learn more about traditional American hymn-singing. Feel free to stop by and listen or join in.