Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Continuing Revival

Our Spring Revival services are over. Our evangelist (and now our good friend), Steven Bednar, has returned to his home in Arlington Texas. However, the revival which the Lord Jesus has ignited in the hearts and the minds and the souls of His people at Peninsula Baptist is gaining momentum. As we pray and commune with one another and talk about our dreams, our hopes and our plans for the future it is evident that God's Spirit is on the move among us invigorating us with joy.

We are beginning to pray about and to discuss options for ways that we might reach out to the folks in our neighborhood this summer. We hope to see you as we visit some of our neighborhood parks with music and good news. Meanwhile plans for a Fall Revival began to take shape this week. STAY TUNED...

As we prepare now to celebrate Easter; as Christians around the world once more commemorate the agonizing death Jesus Christ suffered on our behalf followed by his triumphant resurrection to everlasting glory I pray that each and every soul who claims Christ as Savior will be enlivened by that eternal, omnipotent Power which raised Jesus from the grave so that he may be exalted above all else in all of our lives.