Monday, July 25, 2016

The bible speaks to a missionary about baptism

Interesting article about Adoniram Judson and Baptism

Judson’s plan was to start a Congregational church in the neighborhood of the Baptists, and thus he would have to explain to the natives the differences between Congregational baptism and Baptist baptism. He realized that he needed to thoroughly study these differences so that he could successfully maintain his Pedobaptist position.... Judson, during the long sea voyage, had plenty of time for thought and study on this important subject, and came to the conclusion that he was wrong and the Baptists were right. [He] sailed from Salem, Massachusetts, on the 19th of February, 1812. Judson spent part of the journey in a study of the question of infant baptism. He understood the baptism of new converts to be the plain command of Scripture. “But how,” thought he, “am I to treat the unconverted children and servants of such converts? If I adopt the Abrahamic covenant, and put baptism in the place of circumcision, I must consider not only the children but the servants of the family entitled to baptism.” Along with this issue, he also began to ... - and links to the sermon he preached at his own baptism - or